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With more and more employees injuring themselves at work and seeking compensation from employers, the importance of manual handling training can’t be overlooked. As one of the most common causes of injury at work, incorrect manual handling can pose a serious problem for businesses. To combat this, the Manual Handling Operations Regulations were introduced which have made it mandatory for employees to be trained in manual handling and the use of any manual handling equipment provided by their employer. Our interactive Manual Handling Training courses offer a simple and effective way for employers to fulfil the requirements of the regulations by educating employees about correct techniques for manual handling.

90 minutes
£30 + VAT per person

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The course is split into 6 modules which are:
  • What is Manual Handling
  • Manual Handling Regulations
  • Safe Handling
  • Learning Safe Handling Habits
  • Practical Manual Handling Solutions
  • Use of Mechanical Aids

  As well as teaching the correct techniques for manual handling the course also seeks to educate candidates about the dangers of not using correct techniques and what injuries these can cause. At the end of each module candidates performance is assessed by a set of questions with a pass mark of 75% required before the next module can be accessed.

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