Palintest Service and Calibration Lumiso 3, 4 and 6


We offer a service in which we can arrange for your test kit to be calibrated by the manufacturer. This cost includes the calibration and delivery back to you only. It will be your responsiblity to send the test kit back to the manufacturer for calibration. Please only do so once we have advised that the calibration has been booked and that the correct papework has been raised.

How the Calibration process works:

  • Please book the correct calibration for your model of test kit (Lumiso Pooltest 3 4, and 6 only) please purchase this service on our website and select the TNT Express carriage option.
  • Once your order has been placed, we will contact you to request the unique serial number of your test kit.
  • We will then book the calibration with the manufacturer and send across your paperwork.
  • Once you are in receipt of the paperwork you will need to arrange for the kit to be sent back the manfacturer, we will confirm the full address for you.
  • Once the Calibration has been completed your test kit will be returned to you.

Please be advised that the lead times on calibrations is approximately 7-14 working days. This service is only available for UK customers

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