Lovibond (MD100) 6-in-1 Pool Control Photometer Test Kit


Product Overview:

The MD 100 PC 6in1 Photometer is a portable handheld instrument. Simple button layout and robust waterproof design makes it easy to use and ideal for testing pool water. With a large backlit display, it is also suitable for use in the Plant Room.

The units supply accurate, reproducible results using high-quality interference filters with long-life LEDs as a light source. Tests are conducted using Lovibond® tablet reagents which give long-term stability and a guaranteed minimum 5 or 10-year shelf life. Liquid reagents can also be used.

Test results are automatically stored with time and date for later review, and can also be downloaded to a PC using an additional Infra Red interface.

Delivery Content:

  • The instrument in carrying case
  • 4 Micro batteries (AAA)
  • 3 Round vials (Glass) with lids
  • Tablets reagents
  • Crushing / Stirring Rod
  • Guarantee sheet
  • Certificate (COC)
  • Instruction manual

Test Range:

Chlorine 0-6.0 mg/l
pH Value 6.5-8.4
Alkalinity Total 5-200 mg/l
Calcium Hardness 0-500 mg/l
Bromine 0.05-13 mg/l
Cyanuric Acid 2-160 mg/l

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