anti slip matting
July 13th, 2023
Author: Sam Bonner

The Importance of Anti Slip Matting and Tiling

With the summer season in full swing, more and more people are seeking relief from the sun at local amenities such as leisure centres, sports centres, health clubs or swimming pools. With an increased volume of people visiting your centre, club, or spa each day, the safety of your customers or members remains paramount. Investing in high-quality anti-slip mats is just one way you can transform your facility without compromising on the appearance or accessibility of what you offer. We explain more, below.

UK’s Only Distributor for Lido Anti Slip Tile

Here at The JC Group, we’re proud to be the only UK distributor of the Lido Anti-Slip floor tile, a high-quality anti slip mat that is designed to prevent further injuries if a customer or club member experiences a trip, slip, or fall.

Not only are our Lido Floor Tile Shaped Mats ideal for use in areas such as pool sides but can be utilised in changing areas and shower rooms, providing a uniform solution throughout your facility. However, their use isn’t limited to where immediate danger may occur, but other areas where potential hazards may occur from time to time. For example, a gym or studio could benefit from the installation of our lido anti-slip tiles, or anywhere slip hazards may occur.

Our lido anti-slip floor tiles are made from anti-slip soft resilient vinyl and don’t compromise on the comfort or safety of your customers – even when barefoot, making them the perfect option for ongoing use within your facility. An anti-microbial treatment available to maintain hygiene too, helping to breakdown dirt and grime and sanitise the surface.

What’s more is that our lido anti-slip floor tiles are a modular interlocking tile product meaning that you can connect further tiles from any side, providing a seamless installation. Not only does this support their installation around existing equipment, but means you can move them at any time, allowing for the possible expansion of your club or facility too. Should you ever need to expand your Lido Anti Slip Tile space, you can do so easily without worry or the need to invest significantly more to replace your existing safety solution.

Get Anti Slip Matting for Your Business 

When it comes to your business, the safety of your customers is paramount. Our Lido Anti Slip Tiles provide peace of mind in the knowledge that they can be utilised throughout your swimming pool, spa, or gym without compromising on the look, feel or function of the existing space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of our anti-slip mats, as they are fully equipped with proven mildew and mould resistant properties that maintain their appearance and smell, strengthening their appeal.

For more information about our product range or to place a customised order, get in touch with a member of our expert team. They would be happy to discuss the options available and advise on the best solution for your health club.

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