BOHS P904 Legionella

This Legionella training course is designed to provide candidates with a background and overview of the risk of legionella infection and how it can be controlled specifically in leisure, display, therapy and other non-industrial water systems. Prerequisite: It is a requirement of this course that candidates have successfully completed P901- Legionella- Management and Control of Building Hot and Cold Water Services. In addition to completing this; candidates are also expected to have a working knowledge of the HSE Approved Code of Practice and technical guidance – Legionnaires’ disease [The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems – L8]. It is also recommended that candidates are familiar with the joint HSE / HPA publication “Management of Spa Pools – Controlling the Risk of Infection: ISBN 090144800” which can be freely downloaded from the HSE website.

1 Day
£250 + VAT per person + BOHS Exam Fee: £330 per personInclusive of manuals, equipment and course materials.

On successful completion, the student shall be able to demonstrate management control of complex commercial and leisure systems, specifically:

  • The Legionella infection risks posed by spa pools, hot tubs, hydrotherapy pools and whirlpool baths and the use of a treatment regime to control those risks
  • Special considerations and precautionary measures for healthcare and care home premises
  • Balancing Legionella infection risk against other risks such as other pathogens, fire and scalding
  • Legionella control in large water systems and multiple units such as estates of private dwellings
  • Legionella infection risk in other “at risk” water systems and the development of specific regimes of control for these systems
  • The Legionella infection risk posed by air humidification systems, fogging and misting devices, air scrubbers and regimes of control
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