BOHS P901 Legionella

The course is designed to offer candidates an overview of the risk of legionella infection and how it can be controlled in domestic type hot and cold water systems. A legionella training course will benefit managers and supervisors who are responsible for the safe operation of hot and cold water systems and for the supervision of staff who operate and maintain such systems.

1 Day
£199 + VAT per person + BOHS Exam Fee: £130 per personInclusive of manuals, equipment and course materials.
The course covers a wide range of topics including:
  • Origins and Causes of Legionnaires’ Disease – Case Studies
  • Basic Water Chemistry and its Relevance to Controlling Risks
  • Types of Systems at Risk
  • Legal Requirements– general duties, risk assessment, risk control, monitoring and record keeping
  • HSE Guidance L8
  • Principles of Safe Plant Operation
  • Responding to Outbreaks and Investigations

Successful completion of the course will give delegates the practical knowledge and skills to demonstrate management control in the risk of Legionella infection as well as information on how it can be dealt with in domestic hot & cold water systems.  A formal certificate is issued to successful candidates directly by BOHS.

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