Legionella is thankfully not something we hear about very often these days. The reason is that health and safety protocols have been driven to new heights thanks to the availability of Legionella awareness training Essex programs and courses that are now available.

Legionella Outbreaks Are A Constant Threat

It is not widely known that one of the main sources of Legionella is the drinking water supply. The water companies add certain chemicals to the water before it is distributed in order to eradicate contamination. However, contamination usually takes place after the water has been initially treated because the offending bacteria are found inside the lining of water pipes and storage tanks during and after the distribution process. This is why Legionella outbreaks are so difficult to control.

How Effective Legionella Awareness Prevention Maintenance Can Help

Knowing how Legionella bacteria develop then enables preventative measures to be taken, and this is where Legionella awareness training Essex course plays a crucial role.
In the leisure industry for example, one of the key sources of Legionella infection are swimming pools, and this is where a good, planned maintenance program can make an enormous impact in prevention. A properly implemented, effective planned swimming pool maintenance regime clean, will keep any pool safe, clean and user-friendly. 

Minimising Hazards And Downtime

Not only will a planned maintenance schedule keep your pool Legionella free, but it will also help to ensure that everything is kept in good working order and any downtime brought about by emergency repairs can be kept to a minimum. As well as avoiding or minimising pool closures, a good, regular maintenance program can also help you to avoid expensive repairs.
A Legionella awareness training Essex program will fully explain and illustrate the need for a professional, potent maintenance arrangement, and will also teach you the relevance of not only having planned protection in place, but having access to immediate reactive servicing too.

Finding The Right Service Provider

Depending on the size and use in terms of numbers and frequency of a pool, the quantity and programming of maintenance procedures will vary. There is an important correlation between safety and running costs, and with safety always being the top priority, you can maximise the relationship between these two critical components by appointing the right service provider to work with.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Regardless of how effective any maintenance program is – and this relates to any installation, not just swimming pools and showers – it is also imperative that regular Legionella risk assessments are carried out.
Risk assessments are a standard control feature under the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations and this applies to any organisation that employs staff and welcomes the general public. Legionella risk assessments have been specially designed to keep both employees and visitors safe.

Once such a risk assessment is in place, it will highlight any risk areas and will recommend any mitigating action. Assessments must be reviewed periodically as defined in Legionella awareness training UK programs.

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