SPH7009 – Palintest Photometer Pooltest 9 Bluetooth Standard Kit



The Pooltest 9 allows for the analysis of the nine most important water quality tests associated with the management of swimming pools and spas. The instrument can be supplied in a choice of portable or benchtop kits making it convenient for a variety of facilities:

  • Single-key direct access to all parameters
  • Battery or mains powered and completely waterproof
  • On-board data log, downloadable via Bluetooth SMART or USB and share with colleagues and customers via the Aqua Pal app.


Additional Information

SPH7009 Pooltest 9 Bluetooth Standard Kit SPR7009 Pooltest 9 Bluetooth Benchtop Kit
Pooltest 9 Bluetooth
Cuvettes 8 10
Cuvette rack
Lint free cloth
10ml syringe
Dilution tube
Test tube brush
Crush/stir rods (x10)
USB lead
USB power adaptor
AL200 reagent pack, comprising: DPD 1, 3 and 4, pH, cyanuric acid, alkalinity, calcium, copper
Hard carry case
Transport carton

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