Dolphin D3001 Commercial Pool Cleaner

The Maytronics Dolphin D3001C is the hard-working robot designed to deliver reliable pool cleaning at a highly affordable cost.

£2,306.00 £2,199.00

Designed for repeatedly reliable cleaning results, Self-Diagnostic Cleaning for Semi Public and Commercial Swimming Pools.

Recommended for pools up to 25 metres. (84ft.) in length.


Scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters the entire pool in 6 hours – floor, walls and waterline.

Ideal for public / semi-olympic / commercial pools.

Advanced software enable efficient cleaning and maximizes pool coverage.

Self-programming for optimal scanning of entire mid-size pools.

Climbs walls.

Large filter surface.

Air sensor for beach-entry pools.

Large self-contained inner filter bag collects dirt and debris.

Disperses chemicals evenly in the pool, and reduces the use of chlorine and other chemicals.

Patented swivel prevents cable tangling and twisting.

PVC Brush included.

Low voltage – low energy consumption.

Caddy for easy carrying and storage.

24 months limited warranty.



Cycle time of 6 hours.

Cable length 30 metres. (100ft.)

Filter bag porosity – Ultra fine micronic filtration.

Suction rate – 16m3 per hour, 5084 Imp.Gal

Motor unit voltage – 24 VDC


Maytronics Dolphin Swimming Pool Cleaners are computer controlled, electronic robots that automatically suck impurities from the water and pool and deposit them into their own internal filter bag. Their advanced software automatically calculates the most effective route around the swimming pool, taking into account its shape and size. Multiple brushes scrub and clean the interior surface of your pool, keeping it in pristine condition. Maximum debris and particle retention is achieved through the filter bag which filters as fine as most sand filters. When your Maytronics Dolphin D3001C Swimming Pool Cleaner is scrubbing and collecting the dirt load from your pool, less regular cleaning is required of your conventional filter system. This means you significantly reduce your water usage in your pool. The scrubbing and cleaning action removes particles so fine, you will also use significantly less chemicals saving you money.

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